ESP-IDF Tutorials Part 0: Prologue


I have started to try to learn the ESP-IDF. What will follow is a series of short articles as I learn the individual components of the IDF and how to do things that are easy in Arduino.


Arduino has been getting me down for a while.

Note: I mean the Arduino development platform — the Arduino SDK. I haven’t used the actual hardware for a while.

I have been using it mostly on the esp32. It works mostly fine, but I recently spent hours getting Bluetooth Low Energy to work using the esp32-arduino BLE library. The library is very complete and somewhat engineered to the maximum (and a bit more) degree.

The Arduino IDE itself is not a pleasant experience for me. I write my own IDEs. Arduino-cli seems to work fine outside the IDE, but it is heinously slow because it seems to recompile the universe. Config options are hard to set and this general limitation has started to make me feel uncomfortable.

This post is merely the prologue.

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